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Frequently Asked Questions

Code compliant?


Our construction drawings meet International Building Codes. Any additional local ordinances or requirements should be presented prior to the beginning of the process (set backs, minimum sq. ftg., exterior finishes restrictions, etc.)

Customer Involvement?


This is your home and we want you to be involved as much as you want. We will do our best to exceed your expectations. 



We are not licensed as Engineers or Architects and therefore can not "stamp" drawings. We can furnish our drawings to a designated professional if needed. In most instances, this is not required.



Our pricing is based on project type and standard/optional drawings. 

  • Prices could range between $.65 to $1.15 per sq, ft. 
  • Remodels are base on an hourly basis of $65.00 per hour. 
  • Commercial drafting service pricing on request.

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